As the original paragraphs about The Migty RockBear grew to filatelistical proportions the RockBear chose to move it to this page...

The Rocking RockBear Page

It is coolishly split in two sections: The RockBear and The Disciples

The RockBear

Who or what is that RockBear? They speak of him in silence, his name is famed throughout the net. The evil administrators of his institute, DIKU, has tried to silence him again and again by revoking the existence of, the USENET group his vivid disciples created. As of now, only the FAQ remains, but it has been updated into a very cool Web-thing now.

An important ritual when disciples meet the RockBear is for both to pick up a ritual weapon (normally meant to be used for adjusting the height of the DIKU terminal tables) swing them around in circles hitting them against each other. A Truly Enlightening Experience.

Should you happen to have some perverted fetischist bearish thing, you could take a look at the Bear picture archive.

The RockBear is very cool, but yet he is the servant of you all, by being in the WebSlave workgroup. Rather biblical, actually...

A collection of important quotes in some way related to The One True RockBear has been created by disciple Moensted, and can be found at The RockBear Quoting Page

Moensted has done a great deal of work cooling about the RockBear... It also includes The RockBear Search And Brunst has done a Tribute to the RockBear.

The true disciples are spoken of with awe. They even get to be mentioned here:

The Disciples!


MANSE has joined the RockBear Cult!

Since the major way to become a RockBear Disciple is to do disciple-ish (i.e. silly and bear-related) things The RockBear and Senior Disciple Moensted has decided, that as of 28th of september 1995AU (Anno Ursa) MANSE has been collectively force-joined. Reason: They have said and written more silly things about The RockBear, than the RockBear himself would ever be able to. Welcome, new disciples!

This announcement has been read by

since december 6th 1995AU (Anno Ursa) 9:45 Manse Mean Time (MMT)

The man that makes stands at the end of the tunnel, wondering what went wrong has created Doctor Moensted Homepage , where you just MAY find some RELEVANT info... Moensted also coined the notorious phrase "There can be only one RockBear".

A truly insane mind will be met at Sir Lægteskov's HomePage - but it has not gone public yet... Please don't hold me responsible for any brain damage this look inflict on you or your closest family.

An Actual WWW page (as opposed to the aforementioned DWW pages) is available in this section, too. It is the home of a man who fails test after test in servitude to the RockBear. It is the home of Bluemax.

The Tech-wiz of the disciples, He That Knoweth How To Make Alt.* Groups, lives at Goetterup Home.

And of course, not to be forgotten are the most vivid and sick disciples:

Curne, who is a certified true disciple (you can become one, too, if you fill out the Disciple Application Form.) Curne has even understand that to be a truely true disciple you ought to make a special Bear Page... Unfortunately he is rather offline for a while, but he will be back soon, we all hope.

And then there is the only disciple, that has chosen the meek and humble path of kissing the RockBear's hand. His name is Zork. And even though he is mentioned late in this doc, as fits his humble attitude, it was He that started it all...

Alstrup claims, that he heard of The RockBear on the radio, which is truly to be considered a miracle, as The Great One never was mentioned there. Or perhaps he means IRC, which means he does not know that you cannot HEAR text on DIKU's terminals. Or maybe Alstrup is just brain-damaged. One would have to be, after all, to willingly fill out the Disciple Application Form.

Another disciple junk-mailed The RockBear again and again until at last he found the one true path to realy knowledge. Unfortunately he will not tell us what it is, and just to confuse us all he became a disciple... weird guy, that Brunst.

And next came Kisc.... A doubting disciple if there ever was one. He only became a disciple because he thought the Disciple Application Form. was cool...

The puny freak called mess is a true disciple... and he's the first non-DIKU disciple to join the flock. He claims he can "get a lot of stuff"... Noone I have spoken to knows what he is talking about.

Do you know the Monty Python song "Dennis Moore"? Here goes one for a true coke-loving disciple:

"Farmer Joe, Farmer Joe, da dum dum dum dum dum,
Farmer Joe, Farmer Joe, da dum dum dum dum dum,
He dum dum dum duh, and dum dum de daah,
Farmer dum, dum dee Joe, dum de dum."

Here's another one... Tune is "Informer".

"inFarmer, de dum de dum de dum de dum de dah dah,
de dum de dah dah dah.
dum de dum de dum de dum de dum de dum de dum de dum de dah dah
de dum de dum dum dah."

Hola! The first real, truly, intergalactic, trans-atlantic disciple is from Canada. Her name is Ursula 'Pinky' Bagnell. Ursula means 'she-bear', so it's a pretty cool person to have on the list.

Disciple Moensted has created a somewhat more chronologically correct Unofficial RockBear Disciple Page REMEMBER: If you want to become a disciple yourself, you must fill out the Disciple Application Form.