RockBear WebSkater - Defunct

The RockBear Webskater

The RockBear WebSkater is no more.
Well, it was made back in the pionering days, when HTML was a funny way to format documents and all these far-fetched ideas about frames and tables were just dreams.
Well, they are dreams no more. We have them, and they have turned into nightmares, flooding the Internet with useless data and making load-times unbearable.
At the same time the stupid "War of the Giants" about what stupid features MUST be available to everybody and the amazing number of minor companies unable to follow a standard AND the Lusers optimizing their page for this or that browser, ignoring - or even belittling - all others, has taken the web away from being an interesting place to Web-Skate[1], and turned it into a "Search for this info - read this info"- place.
Thus, I don't want to waste my time updating this page any more (in fact, hardly have for a year or more.)
Thus, The RockBear WebSkater is officially closed as of October 25th 1996.

Some links....

But only to local stuff :-)

The RockBear Cult is no longer updated, either. Actually, it is almost defunct. Some of the stuff was funny once, though, so you can look at it if you wish.

TRBCIPP was a silly - but serious - party up for votes at University of Copenhagen. Pretty funny, I'd say. No idea if we'll do anything further, though.

My next project on the web will be the The Blind Brothers homepage which will center around a rather silly bunch of people I hang around with once in a while. A few of the monstrous poems we have created can be seen here, but we have done more than that. A few commercials for the Danish State Railways, (who - for some reason - didn't like them), a movie (well.. a few minutes anyway) about the superhero BurgerMan. (Where I played the part as BurgerMan). It'll be cool, but no URL as of yet.

If, for some reason, you need a link from my old WebSkater, I have a backup here.

[1]Web-Skating is what you do, when you jump around from web-page to web-page looking at this and that vaguely interesting site.