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Welcome to

Web-Skating is what you do, when you jump around from web-page to web-page looking at this and that vaguely interesting site. The purpose of this page is to give you a couple of starting points, and the reason I use is that I was beginning to think it was utterly boring just using the menus in X-Windows.

The Headlines

The RockBear WebSkater covers the following interesting subjects:

o means that the item has been there since before Thu Sep 7 13:32:15 METDST 1995 and N means that it has arrived, or has been changed in important ways since said time.

o - The Headlines (oooh... Deja vu)
o - The RockBear and his Disciples
o - True WebSkating Sites
o - Magazines
o - Graphics
o - Guides'n'stuff
o - Local stuff
o - Movies
N - Comics
o - TV and Comedy (mostly TV)
o - Games (Games games je vous aimes?)
o - Miscellaneous (Nope, not that famouse Vatican painting dude)
o - The End (Oh wow.. Cool..) And now: The RockBear shall open the world for you.

True WebSkating Sites

If you really want to skate the web, you can't live without the URL Roulette


Wired is a great magazine.... And it' available on the Web, too.

The GNN Magazine. It's... well... a magazine... Give it a try.


The mpeg page is a place with a lot of mpeg-stuff. Should you wish to download movies, better go for the ftp-mirror at University of Luleň in Sweden. (luth)


True knowledge is to know that you know nothing, but it's almost as good to know that The Project Galactic Guide are trying to make a guidebook to our universe.

You could get some more info about the project by looking at The PGG Newsletter

The project was inspired by Douglas Adams' A hitchhiker's guide to the universe, which is being treated via the British Comedy section of this page.


DIKU's homepage is not exactly something that makes everybody go hooray, but it IS default homepage here.

You may want to have a look at University of Copenhagen, too...

There's an IRC channel #Danmark page out there, too.

To simply have the pick'n'choose (NOT the pikansjos) of danish servers go for the Clickable Map of Denmark (Another TRUE webskating resource.) or the very nice Jubii Site.



The new danish online movie magazine/service Scope is VERY good... Go for it...


I like to go to the cinema, and I like to watch my video collection. To enjoy it even more I usually look up the movies in The UseNet Movie Database. It is accessable by E-Mail at, but why loose all the fun?

Of course you could go to more specific sites, and have a look at either the Terminator 2, The Star Wars, or the general Movies pages.

If you dig the the Alien-movies, you may be interested in the H.R. Giger page.


I use a silly amount of money buying comics every month, so of course I use The Comics Link a lot. Of course that's not really it's name, but if you take a look at it, you'll see why I found that name rather appropriate.

I am a truly fanatic John Byrne fan, so of course I have a link to The Next Men and the Babe pages, too.

I Shall now perform what some might consider sacrilege. I hereby denounce Calvin & Hobbes as the greatest comic strip ever, and in its place, as its one true successor, I shall place Rose is Rose, although I must admit, that after having found Over The Hedge, which is a very new thing, it became a hard choice.

If you like comics, you should take a peek at Dilbert, it is a digitized version of the daily strip, put upon a site maintained by the artist himself: Scott Adams.

A very interesting thing on the net is the "Net-Only" comics. One of them is a daily Gary Larson-like 24-bit jpeg-picture, and I keep a link to This weeks Doctor Fun archive. Another one is the 3D-rendered Virtually Reality.

Actually you might just take look at the index of Internet Published Comics.

TV And Comedy in general

For the strangest, coolest, funniest american yout sitcom available, go check Parker Lewis - The swedish site and Parker Lewis - The american site. (Nope! They are NOT identical)

Recently Danish Television has started broadcasting a new TV-series about ... Well, one COULD say it was about Superman, but Superman rarely appears more than a few minutes each time, unless as his Secret Identity, Clark Kent. What is really cool about THIS show is the fact, that it highly looks like John Byrne's redefined Superman-continuity from 1985, and that it focuses more on Clark (and Lois) than on Superman. Okay, enough chatting. Go see the Lois & Clark homepage, where you will find lots and lots of further links.

For the British stuff, all that's actually needed is the Grand Central Station of British Comedy, be it radio, books or television. That of which I speak, is the CatHouse page.


Oh well... You wan't to play games with me, eh?

Well.... Go to Games Domain.

Take This.


A new and very cool music site has seen the light. Normally I don't care much for music sites, but this very extensive one is a cool platform for WebSkating experiences...

You could have a look at the Isaac Asimov Page, too

Being on a nostalgia trip one COULD drop by The C64 page...

And Thus We reach the end...

The RockBear has spoken, and leans back in his chair, silent... Not to speak another word until he has gathered more wisdom to share with his true followers.

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